Sudbury: Traders angered at lack of consultation over crossing scheme

TRADERS located near a proposed street crossing in a west Suffolk town say they have not been consulted properly over the plans.

Two months of work managed by Suffolk County Council is due to start next week on a �60,000 scheme to build a raised crossing in King Street, Sudbury. But the owners of businesses in the vicinity feel their views on what would be suitable for the busy thoroughfare have not been sought,

David Holland, owner of Curtain Craft in King Street, said: “If I wanted to alter the front of my building, I’d expect neighbouring businesses and residents to be sent letters and be consulted. But when it comes to a project that will have much more economic impact on the town in terms of slowing down traffic and lost parking bays, it seems there aren’t the same checks and balances in place.”

At Lingard Fabrics in the same street, owner Jon Lingard added: “It speaks volumes that the council have not sat down with the business community about this. If the crossing holds traffic up I can see drivers taking alternative routes around the town and causing gridlock.”

In response, a spokeswoman for Suffolk County Council said an appropriate level of consultation had been carried out with a number of parties including local county councillors, Sudbury Chamber of Commerce and Suffolk police.

She added: “Sudbury Town Council was consulted on several occasions and support was given to the current scheme.”