Landlord says £1,000 for wet-led pubs ‘a slap in the face’

The landlord of the White Hart in Aldeburgh called the governments £1,000 for pubs unable to open "a slap in the face". Pict...

The landlord of the White Hart in Aldeburgh called the governments £1,000 for pubs unable to open "a slap in the face". Picture: GOOGLE - Credit: Archant

The landlord of the wet-led pub in Suffolk called the government’s announcement of £1,000 for pubs “a slap in the face”.

Dan Brand who runs the White Hart said the new one-off payment for pubs who are unable to open under the new regulations would be a “tiny fraction” of what he would have taken if he was open.

Mr Brand, who does not serve food in the Aldeburgh high street pub, said: “It will only pay for my electricity and the rent on my glass washer and fridges.”

“It doesn’t cover my food at all – and I’m quite a big lad,” he said.

“Certainly won’t be enough for my Christmas presents.

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“It’s better than nothing, but I thought we’d get something else to keep us going a bit better.

“We’ve lost so much money this year it’s been ridiculous.”

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Boris Johnson announced the cash grant as he looked to ward off a Conservative rebellion over his post-lockdown plan.

Opening the debate on the tiers system in the House of Commons, the Prime Minister said all “wet pubs” - establishments that do not serve food - will receive £1,000 to “recognise how hard they have been hit” by Covid controls during what would typically be their busiest time of year.

MPs are due to vote on Tuesday on measures that would put 99% of England’s population into the tough measures of Tier 2 and Tier 3 when the second national lockdown ends on Wednesday.

Pubs will only be allowed to open in Tier 2 if they can act as a restaurant, while those in Tier 3 will only be permitted to serve takeaway.

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Mr Brand said: “It’s quite a small pub so even if I do table service with no-one outside drinking I will be restricted on numbers so I won’t get that bumper December anyway.

“The government were generous at first. So I don’t know if they’re giving us so little now because we got a lot in the first lockdown?

“But £1,000 is a bit of a slap in the face really.”

Mr Brand praised Adnams, the brewery which owns the pub, for offering him support throughout the pandemic.

He said: “If Adnams hadn’t been so amazing – helping me to keep ticking over – I’d be gone by now.

“It’s just – when is it going to end?”

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