Suffolk/ Norfolk: New Anglia LEP in Brussels talks on ‘green’ energy

DEVELOPING the green economy in Suffolk and Norfolk was top of the agenda in Brussels when Andy Wood, chairman of New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership, was invited to explore business opportunities for the two counties through working with European partners.

Dr Wood met with leaders from the European Investment Bank, the European Commission and the British Government to explore how New Anglia can work with the investment bank to finance major investments in the region.

The meeting also highlighted New Anglia’s green credentials and its role in leading the green economy in the UK, as part of the Green Economy Pathfinder programme.

Also on the agenda was the European Regional Development Programme for the East of England from 2014 and how the region could benefit from 2014-2020.

Dr Wood chaired a seminar on smart partnerships, focusing on resource efficiency in energy and transport as well as new ways of stimulating innovation and entrepreneurship, with leaders from countries including Denmark, Portugal Norway and Sweden.

He said: “The discussion provided a great opportunity to explore ways in which New Anglia can work with European partners to develop the green economy and become more competitive on a world stage.

“There are also strong synergies with Europe in working to improve transport and trade links. Suffolk and Norfolk are a gateway to Europe and could attract significant investment in developing the Port of Felixstowe and other ports in the region.”

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Discussions also highlighted how European regions could collaborate with Norfolk and Suffolk to develop technology and new markets.

New Anglia has brought together a group of senior figures from industry, academia, the public sector and third sector to develop a green economy manifesto, which was launched at the House of Commons earlier this year.

The manifesto sets out a “roadmap” of activities to develop the green economy, and is now being put into action.