Suffolk Show day one results: Sheep and stands



484. Stock ram: SW Cobbald, Flock no. JKC.

485. Shearling ram: SW Cobbald, Flock no. JKC.

486. Single carded and trimmed ram lamb: G&E Beddie, Flock no. P11

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487. Single ram lamb: G&E Beddie, Flock no. P11

488. Pair untrimmed ram lambs: G & E Beddie, Flock no. P11

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489. Champion - best male: SW Cobbald, Flock no JKC

490. Special - best ram lamb: G & E Beddie, flock no P11

491. Flock Ewe: Partridge & Son Ltd, Flock no. C41.

492. Shearling Ewe: Mr & Mrs RJ Woolway, Flock no KJY

493. Single carded and trimmed ewe lamb: G & E Beddie, Flock no P11

494. Single ewe lamb: SW Cobbald, Flock no. JKC.

495. Pair untrimmed ewe lambs: G & E Beddie, Flock no P11

496. Group of three: Partridge & Son Ltd, Flock no. C41.

497. Champion - best female: G & E Beddie, Flock no P11

498. Special - best exhibit from ewe lamb classes: G & E Beddie, Flock no P11

499. Special - best exhibit: G & E Beddie, Flock no P11


500. Ram, any age: Mrs P Baker

501. Ram lamb: Mrs P Baker

502. Champion - best male: Mrs P Baker

503. Ewe lamb: Mrs JC Bennett

504. Shearling ewe: Mrs P Baker

505. Ewe lamb: AR & J Smith

506. Champion - best female: Mrs P Baker

507. Special - best exhibit: Mrs P Baker


508. Ram any age: Mrs G Maxwell, Charallais

509. Ram lamb born on or after 1st December 2007: Graham Allenby, Charallais

510. Ewe any age: Graham Allenby, Charallais

511. Ewe lamb born on or after 1st December 2007: Graham Allenby, Charallais

512. Champion: Graham Allenby, Charallais


513. Trimmed ram lamb: Graham Allenby

514. Ram lamb: PJ & EJ Cresswell

515. Shearling ram: Graham Allenby

516. Trimmed ewe lamb: Mrs D Middleditch

517. Ewe lamb: Mrs D Middleditch

518. Shearling ewe:

516. Champion: Graham Allenby


533. Ram, any age: Tracy Ranger, Wensleydale.

535. Champion - best male: Mrs S Holdich, Wensleydale.

536. Shearling ewe: Mrs S Holdich, Wensleydale.


542. Ram: SEO Coke & KE Long

543. Shearling ram: Linda Rollason

544. Ram lamb: Catfield Hall

545. Champion - best male: SEO Coke & KE Long

546. Ewe, any age: SEO Coke & KE Long

547. Shearling ewe: SEO Coke & KE Long

548. Ewe lamb: SEO Coke & KE Long

549. Champion - best female: SEO Coke & KE Long

550. Group of three: SEO Coke & KE Long

551. Special - best exhibit: SEO Coke & KE Long

548. Special - best exhibit bred by Norfolk Horn Breeders' Group member:


553. Ram: Chris Steel

554. Shearling ram: Chris Steel

555. Ram lamb: P J & E J Baker


561. Ram: P J & E J Cresswell

562. Shearling ram: D M Jenkins

563. Ram lamb: B N Cooper

564. Ewe, any age: Mr & Mrs Simon Huntley

565. Shearling ewe: D M Jenkins

566. Ewe lamb: B N Cooper

567. Champion: Mrs Gail Sprake

568: Champion: D M Jenkins

569: Group of four: Mrs Gail Sprake


570. Ram, any age: Mrs R Beecher, Kerry Hill

571. Ram lamb: Benn Lugsden, Dorset Down

572. Champion - best male: Benn Lugsden, Dorset Down

573. Ewe, any age: RP Cole, Sibton Flock, Wiltshire Horn

574. Shearling ewe: R Banks, Oxford Down

575. Ewe lamb: Benn Lugsden, Dorset Down

576. Champion - best female: Benn Lugsden, Dorset Down

577. Special - best exhibit: Benn Lugsden, Dorset Down

578. Special - Best Oxford Down Exhibit: Mr H Middleditch, Oxford Down

579. Special - parade: Benn Lugsden, Dorset Down


580. Single ewe: R & GR Freeman

581. Two cross-bred ewe lambs: J Waspe

582. Three cross-bred shearling ewes: Partridge & Son Ltd

583. Champion - best exhibit from previous three classes: Partridge & Son Ltd

584. Pair of lambs of any pure breed or cross, under 36kg: J Waspe

585. Pair of lambs of any pure breed or cross, over 36kg: Partridge & Son Ltd

586. Champion - best pen of butchers' lambs: J Waspe

587. Special - best pen of crossbred butchers' lambs sired by Suffolk ram: Partridge & Son Ltd



594. Boar, born in 2007 on or after July 1: DJ Finch, Siskin Workman 2

595. Boar, born in 2008: MJ Kiddy & Son, Withersfield Alpine 15

596. Breeding sow born before July 1 2007: Brian Upchurch, Greenway Harmony 62


1. The Perpetual Challenge Cup: Notcutts Garden Centres

2. The Notcutt Salver: Park Green Nurseries

3. The Perpetual Rise Bowl: Otley College


1. New pieces of equipment: Paul Whitton of Heathcote Farms Ltd, Bedfordshire

2. Modification to existing machines: peter Mitchell of Bushey Coopers Farm, Hadleigh

3. Gadgets: Andrew Gaught of Manor Farm, Ashbocking


1. Veronica Jolly Perpetual Challenge Trophy: Marilyn Wosahlo

2. Perpetual Challenge Cup: Giovanna Roberts

3. Diana Alexander Salver: Framlingham Flower Club

4. Perpetual Challenge Salver: Pauline Brackenbury

5. Margaret Burton Perpetual Bowl: Julia Morley

6. W A Howes Trophy: Helen Walker

7. Perpetual Challenge Cup (juniors): Hannah Redwood


1. BBKA Blue Ribbon: Jeremy Quinlan

2. County Cup: Enid Castle

3. Small Beekeepers Award: Enid Castle & Stephen Bambridge

4. President's Cup: Brian Denny

5. Headlands Senior Cup: Jackie McQueen

6. Sproughton Cup: Mike Graystone

7. Wax Cup: Brian Denny

8. Mayor's Cup: Brian Denny

9. Basil Staff Cup: Deborah Lacey

10. David Little Trophy: Enid Castle & Stephen Bambridge

11. F W Drake Cup: Brian Denny

12. Headlands Junior Cup: Joshua & Esther Gray

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