Suffolk: Tourism campaign to target the ‘insatiably curious’

Amanda Bond of Visit Suffolk

Amanda Bond of Visit Suffolk - Credit: Archant

A campaign aimed at bringing new visitors to Suffolk will be targeting the “insatiably curious” as tourism chiefs capitalise on the success of this year’s controversial “Curious County” digital marketing campaign.

Visit Suffolk has appointed creative agency Spring, which is based in Southwold, to develop and drive future marketing campaigns which develop the motif.

The “curious” label initially split opinion and weathered fierce criticism that it was not portraying Suffolk in a positive light, but its supporters point out that the campaign exposed Suffolk to 1.5million new consumers over a 14 week period in early 2013.

Visit Suffolk says new campaigns will adapt the ‘curious’ theme in “a similarly creative and engaging way” to ensure Suffolk remains front of mind as a visitor destination across the “shoulder” period between winter and spring.

The future campaign, which is due to be launched in January and carry on until April of next year, will continue to use social media and encourage consumer interaction, in a bid to build a dialogue with existing and new visitors to the county.

Visit Suffolk brand manager Amanda Bond said: “There’s been much talk about what’s next after the success of The Curious County. The new partnership with Spring will enable us to leverage the profile we’ve already created and evolve the concept to reflect even more of our county’s assets, and inspire more visitors to Suffolk.”

Spring co-founder Erika Clegg said her firm was busy developing “something quirky, charming and simple” which would create a lasting benefit for Suffolk as well as an exciting marketing campaign. “Our central premise, building on last year’s Curious County message, is that Suffolk rewards the insatiably curious,” she added.