Suffolk tourist in Spain: ‘I feel much safer here than I do in England’

Kevin Bahar and his daughter Faith have been on holiday in Tenerife and must quarantine on their ret

Kevin Bahar and his daughter Faith have been on holiday in Tenerife and must quarantine on their return to the UK. Picture: KEVIN BAHAR - Credit: KEVIN BAHAR

A Suffolk man on holiday in Tenerife said he feels safer in Spain than in England, despite the new quarantine regulations.

Kevin Bahar, from Stowmarket, has been on holiday on the Spanish island with his daughter since Tuesday. He is due to fly home tomorrow.

Due to new government regulations brought in over the weekend he will have to quarantine for 14 days after he arrives back in the UK.

Mr Bahar, a semi-retired property developer, said the 14 day quarantine would not be a problem for him but would cause more problems for his 18-year-old daughter, Faith.

“She’s supposed to be going back to work on Wednesday and was texting her boss last night to say she can’t go back,” he said.

“From her perspective it has been very frustrating. She’s only working there until the end of August to earn some money before she goes travelling in January.”

Tenerife is a Spanish island off the coast of Africa. Currently, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office say it is safe to travel there.

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Mr Bahar said: “I feel much safer here than I do in England.

“The Spanish are really working hard to make sure they stop the spread.

“There are screens everywhere. There are hand sanitisers everywhere. If you’re walking around town without a mask and the police stop you – and you don’t have a mask on you – it’s a €100 fine on the spot.

“I know there are pockets [of Covid-19 cases] everywhere, but apparently it’s not here. Tenerife hasn’t even been hit hard.

“I feel quite sorry for the Spanish really because they’ve tried really, really hard and they’re being penalised for it.

“They’ve spent a lot of time and money getting these hotels ready to open again – I know how much things cost when it comes to building because that’s what I do – and they’re still being penalised. It’s just ridiculous.”

Mr Bahar said he had received no instructions from the British government on what to do once he returned to the country.

“All I do know is that we’ve got to fill in a form to get home,” he said.

“I’m a complete technophobe so my daughter will sort that out for me.

“A couple of girls she met her have just gone back and they said it took them an hour to fill the form in.

“But I don’t know what’s on it.”