Garlic bread and shower gel among the products being recalled

Do you have any of these recalled products in your home? Picture: SONYA DUNCAN

Do you have any of these recalled products in your home? Picture: SONYA DUNCAN - Credit: Sonya Duncan

Consumers are asked to check their homes for a range of products after Trading Standards announced a recall.

Iceland (stock picture) Picture: LUCY TAYLOR

Iceland (stock picture) Picture: LUCY TAYLOR - Credit: Lucy Taylor

The products, which were sold at well known shops, need to be returned to store as they do not pass safety regulations.

Lidl has recalled the Kania sea salt ceramic grinders and Kania black peppercorns ceramic grinder as they may contain small pieces of glass.

The product details of those affected are as followed:

Kania Sea Salt Ceramic Grinder

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Pack size: 110 g

Batch code: 9032AA, 9032BA, 9032CA, 9032CB, 9033AB, 9033AC

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Best-before-end date: 2024

Kania Black Peppercorns Ceramic Grinder

Pack size: 50 g

Batch code: 02/2024

Best-before-end date: 2024

Customers are instructed not to use any of the above products and to instead return it to the store where it was bought for a full refund.

Two other products from Lidl are also on the list - Sondey Jaffa Cakes and Jaffa Minis, which contain milk which isn’t listed on the label. This poses a health risk to those who have an allergy or an intolerance to milk.

The Sondey Jaffa Cakes affected are 300g with the best before dates of January 1 2019, February 1 2019, March 1 2019, April 1 2019, May 1 2019, June 1 2019, July 1 2019, August 2019.

The Sondey Jaffa Minis are 125g with the best before dates of July 1 2019, August 1 2019, November 1 2019. If you bought the cakes and have an allergy or intolerance to milk, make sure you don’t eat them and return them for a full refund.

Two types of Chinese takeaway from Morrisons are also contain milk despite it not being mentioned on the label.

The Morrisons own brand chicken curry with sweet and sour chicken and chicken in black bean sauce with sweet and sour chicken are the products which could pose a problem.

Customers who suffer from an allergy or an intolerance to milk are told to not consume these products and instead return them to their nearest store for a full refund.

The products in question all have the use by date of March 4, 5 and 6.

A quality issue has been reported with Superdrug’s pineapple and papaya shower gel, which features in the store’s fruity trio pineapple set.

There is a possibility that the product could cause skin irritation. If you have this product in your home you are advised to stop using it immediately and return it to any Superdrug store, where people will receive a full refund.

Teriyaki houmous chips from Boots have been found to have mustard in them, which isn’t declared on the label.

This is a potential health risk for anyone with an allergy or an intolerance to the condiment. Consumers are asked to return the product to their nearest Boots store for a full refund.

Speedibake garlic bread slices from Iceland are also being recalled as they contain milk which is not mentioned on the packaging.

Those with an intolerance to milk or an allergy are instructed to not eat the product and to take it back to Iceland for a full refunds.

The affected items are 250g, with a batch code of SB9039B and a best before date of February 8 2020.

You can check the Trading Standards and Food Standard Agency website for a full list of recall alerts.

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