UK: British Sugar’s Beet the Best 2012 contest

British Sugar has launched its Beet the Best 2012 contest.

This year’s competition will incorporate a celebration of 100 years of the UK beet sugar industry and has been designed to allow grower groups and individual sugar beet growers, as well as agronomists/consultants, to complete the online questionnaire with the winning entries taking part in an international study tour.

It is split into two rounds during November and December 2012 with winners confirmed in early 2013. Competitors can register as a team or an individual by clicking the ‘register your team’ link on the website

The first round of the competition will focus on the history of the UK beet sugar industry, the second round will focus on technical aspects of sugar beet crop management. Both rounds feature a number of multiple-choice questions as well as an open question in round two as a ‘tie-breaker’.

The winners will be selected by a team of experts from British Sugar, NFU Sugar, BBRO and Newcastle University. Last year’s winners enjoyed a trip to Spain to look at beet growing in both the north and south of the country.