Update: Port re-opens after winds force two-hour closure

AFTER an afternoon of gale-force blasts which forced a two-hour stoppage, Britain’s biggest container port re-opened for business.

Both rail and yard operations were called to a halt after wind speeds recorded at the Port of Felixstowe exceeded operational limits of 45mph.

Port officials said for the safety of all port users access to operational areas had been restricted.

Vehicles were being marshalled and parked up on site, and haulage companies contacted and advised there delays were likely and that truckers may wish to consider re-scheduling their arrivals.

By 4.45pm, winds had moderated to safe working levels for quayside and rail operations to resume.

“Some delays are likely as the port works to recover to normal operational status,” said a spokesman.

“Both parks are fully operational, but we do still have a weather warning for the next 24 hours and will continue to monitor this situation.

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“We apologise for any inconvenience this disruption may have caused.”