Call for border reforms after deported paedophile is jailed for second time

Call for tightening of UK border controls

Call for tightening of UK border controls

Suffolk’s “horrified” Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) has demanded EU border control reforms after a convicted paedophile banned from the UK was jailed again for returning to work with teenagers.

Juan Guerra Landazuri

Juan Guerra Landazuri - Credit: Archant

Juan Guerra Landazuri, of Mill Road Drive, Purdis Farm, Ipswich, is the latest of a growing number of sex offenders, robbers, burglars and petty criminals to have committed crimes in Suffolk before the authorities were aware they were in the county.

The convicted child sex offender has been imprisoned for a second time after lying to get a job looking after vulnerable teenagers and adults with learning difficulties in Ipswich.

A clearly exasperated Tim Passmore, who has spoken out many times about foreign criminals being able to get into the country so easily, is now calling for greater protection for the public.

Suffolk’s PCC said: “I am absolutely horrified. It beggars belief that yet again we have a foreign national – this time with dual citizenship – with a serious criminal record of a predatory nature against young people has gained entry into the UK despite having a previous conviction and being deported from the country.

“What on earth are we doing? This should never happen. We now need, without delay, proper reform of border controls within the European Union so that those with such poisonous track records of criminal behaviour never gain access to our country.

“I think those responsible for the rules need to stop prevaricating and act to keep the people of Suffolk safe.” Landazuri is back behind bars after illegally entering the country eight years after his deportation to Ecuador.

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It is understood police discovered the 44-year-old’s criminal background after an allegation of sexual assault on a female over 16 was made against him in May.

Landazuri was interviewed voluntarily in June and formally arrested on July 14.

On July 15 he was originally charged in connection with three alleged sexual assaults and a common assault. However, the Crown Prosecution Service have said there was insufficient evidence to proceed and the case was discontinued at a crown court hearing.

Landazuri was also charged with failing to comply with notification requirements under the Sex Offenders’ Act between January 2005 and July 2015, and fraud by lying about his previous convictions between November 2013 and July 2015.

He admitted both offences when he appeared before Ipswich Crown Court and was jailed for 26 months.

Landazuri had been imprisoned for four years by Kingston Crown Court in 2002 for two offences of indecent assault on a girl under 14. He was also made subject to the notifications of the Sexual Offence Act for an indefinite period.

Part of his conditions were never to return to the UK.

At the time of his sentencing 13 years ago he was using the name Juan Alejandro Guerra.

He was deported to Ecuador on January 20, 2005.

However, he has dual citizenship with valid Ecuadorian and Spanish passports.

It is believed Landazuri used his Spanish passport to return to the UK in 2013 as part of a Spanish work exchange programme.

At his Ipswich Crown Court sentencing Christopher Kerr, prosecuting, said Landazuri had applied for work with a care company which provides supported living accommodation for vulnerable teenagers aged 15-19 and adults with learning difficulties. He left a section asking about previous convictions on an application form blank.

As a result of his detention Landazuri has been served with deportation forms for a second time.

A spokeswoman for the Home Office said: “Foreign criminals have no place in the United Kingdom and we are using all the resources available to protect the British public.

“In the last five years, we have strengthened the UK’s ability to request and obtain criminal records data from other countries about foreign nationals who are arrested in the UK.

“Since 2010, checks on foreign nationals going through the UK criminal justice system have increased by more than 1,500%. We are also providing leadership in Europe, and across the world, on efforts to improve the proactive sharing of information between countries about foreign offenders.”

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