Campaign for better car parking in Framlingham will continue despite review

Fore Street residents in Framlingham Robbie Oldfield, Victoria Romero, Chairman of the Suffolk Count

Fore Street residents in Framlingham Robbie Oldfield, Victoria Romero, Chairman of the Suffolk County Council Cllr Christopher Hudson, Truus Ellerby, Mark Friston and John Massey have put together a petition to change the current parking situation in the town, which they claim leaves them unable to park outside their own homes. - Credit: Su Anderson

Community leaders in a Suffolk market town faced with “chronic” parking problems say they remain optimistic about finding a long term solution, despite receiving no concessions in the district’s latest review.

Suffolk Coastal’s strategic car parking review, which will be discussed by cabinet members tomorrow, includes few changes for Framlingham, other than that The Elms will pass back to its former freehold owners, who have pledged to retain its use.

John Massey, who criticised last year’s introduction of charges at Fore Street car park for resulting in more on street parking and less spaces for residents, says the problem has grown worse. “The introduction of paying cars to park has left all the workers in town parking on the street,” he added.

Mr Massey and his Fore Street neighbours submitted a petition calling for residents only parking, which he says is the only solution to the problems caused by the introduction of charges. It has not been accepted.

Framlingham Town Council had negotiated on residents’ behalf for the a solution to the Fore Street problems, which resulted in the offer of a “rolling tariff” charging system this summer, so parking tickets could be carried over into the following day.

Although Mr Massey claims the measures did not go far enough, town clerk Eileen Coe said the district council’s offer was a “very good compromise” and highlighted other measures that were being carried out to improve the parking situation.

Saturday market traders have been offered to park at Sir Robert Hitcham’s Primary School, Framlingham Business Association has arranged for members to park at Fram Farmers or Framlingham Sports Club and there are further discussions planned over the Market Hill and Co-operative car park.

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“We are investigating all sorts of different options and working with the district council so that we can find a joined up approach to the whole parking problem in the town,” Mrs Coe said.

Andrew Nunn, who is responsible for parking at SCDEC added: “We are in continued talks with Framlingham Town Council and other partners within the town to address the local needs, while ensuring best use of the limited car parking resources.”

Framlingham College, which has been returned the free hold of The Elms car park after SCDC’s lease expired, has pledged to allow car parking for at least the ten years.

Christopher Hudson, who is one of Framlingham’s district councillors, said that while car parking was a “nightmare” for the town he was still optimistic that a long term solution to could be found to the “chronic” problems.