After four years living wild, can Beth the cat find a forever home?

Beth the Cat is looking for a new forever home Picture: CONTRIBUTED

Beth the Cat is looking for a new forever home Picture: CONTRIBUTED - Credit: CONTRIBUTED

Beth the cat lived wild for four years, but now she is looking for a new forever home. Could you help?

Cat lover Georgie, from the Woodbridge area, was asked to rescue the small black feral cat after the death of an elderly man who had been feeding her regularly.

Beth had set up home in the kind man’s garden near Woodbridge. However, following his death, his bungalow was due to be sold, and his son was concerned about the cat.

“The son knew his father would have wanted her to be looked after for the rest of her life,” Georgie said.

She used a special humane trap designed to catch feral animals, where the cat touches a metal plate just in front of some food, springing a trap, and stays safely in it until it is taken to the vet. If a towel is put over the trap, the animal is always calm once trapped, she said.

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However, Beth managed to avoid being caught in the trap. She set up home in an old greenhouse, but, when Georgie closed the door, she jumped through a pane of glass to escape.

“My last chance was to get her into the shed, which was full of garden tools and paint tins,” Georgie said.

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“I scattered cat treats and sardines in tomato sauce liberally on the floor, shut the bottom of the stable door and hoped the cat would be in there the following morning. Unbelievably, she was!”

Georgie put strong welding gloves on, caught the cat and put her into the basket.

As soon as she got to the vet, Beth calmed down, and submitted to examination.

From being a wary feral cat, she was quickly transformed into a loving pet.

“She now has no fleas, worms or rotten teeth, has been microchipped and vaccinated, and is the sweetest natured cat ever! She purrs all the time, and adores being brushed!,” Georgie said.

“She has been through so much, and was almost certainly owned and loved by someone earlier in her life, as she was already neutered.”

Beth needs a quiet home without very young children, with a safe garden. She is believed to be about five years old.”

If you think you could offer Beth her forever home, call Georgie on 07768 760272.

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