Cavendish: Villagers hoping to see the light at Christmas

WHILE most of us are still waiting for summer to arrive, residents of a picture-postcard village in west Suffolk are already planning for a brighter Christmas.

A group of Cavendish residents, who were disappointed by the lack of festive lights and decorations in the neighbourhood during previous years, have formed a committee to push for trees on the famous village green to be illuminated on a grand scale.

‘Cavendish Illuminators’ committee chairman, Chris Callegari, said: “It is such a beautiful village during the day, but at night-time, nothing is visible and that’s such a shame. During the festive period in particular, you could drive right through Cavendish and not even realise it was there.

“Last year, we had a token 5ft tree with a few miserable lights outside the shop and that was it.

“Christmas is such an important time of year, and if there’s no visible signs of it in the village, then all that goodwill is lost.”

What started out as an idea has now snowballed into a committee of 20 people, which has gained the backing of the parish council and virtually the whole village, according to Mr Callegari, who added: “I have been overwhelmed by the support we have received, and so far and I haven’t spoken to anyone who is against it.

“In fact, many people have been thinking the same thing for years, but just haven’t got round to doing anything about it.”

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As well as lighting up mature trees on the green, the committee wants to help residents illuminate their homes in a tasteful co-ordinated effort to bring festive cheer to Cavendish. A long-term aim is to bring an electricity supply to the green to facilitate other community events. To find out more, or to get involved, call 01787 280355.

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