Cornflake bites which could contain Salmonella are on the recalled product list

Stock picture of Iceland. Picture: LUCY TAYLOR

Stock picture of Iceland. Picture: LUCY TAYLOR - Credit: Lucy Taylor

Walkers crisps, frozen mash, children’s shoes, and wine from John Lewis are a few of the many items which are being recalled. Check the list and make sure you don’t have these products in your home.

Walkers are recalling a flavour of their crisps due it not being clear that they contain wheat. The crisps affected are the Thai sweet chilli crisps in their sensations range. The product contains wheat and states it on the packaging however it is not highlighted in bold. Those affected have the best-before dates before and including January 29,2019- if you have a wheat allergy and have one of the affected packs please call the Walkers Consumer Care Line on 0800 274777 to receive a full refund.

Chocolate cornflake cluster mini bites from Iceland are at risk of containing Salmonella. The batch in question have the best-before date of February 9, 2019, the lot number of 18 285 and are the pack which contains 18 bites. If you have the product at home you are asked to not eat them and return them to your nearest Iceland store for a full refund.

Asda is asking customers to return their own brand of frozen smooth mashed potato as it may include a different product which has gluten in. A small number of the packs could contain potato croquettes instead. The item’s affected has a date code of May 31, 2019 and a lot code of 18151. If you have this product at home you are asked to bring it back to your nearest store where you will be given a full refund - your receipt is not needed.

Members of the public who own a Lyme Bay winery wine mini gift pack, which is sold in John Lewis, are being told to stop using the product immediately. The gift set has a stock number of 78454101 and a description as Lyme Bay Winery Wine Mini Gift Pack, 7x 5cl. For further details consumers are asked to contact the supplier Lyme Bay Winery on 01297 551 355.

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Children’s clothing items from Mamas & Papas and John Lewis are also among the products needing to be returned. Mamas & Papas are concerned about their fringe mocasin gold shoe (S912300) suede detail shoe (S912CN7) and pom pom shoe (S912GE9) as there is a risk the pom poms/tassels can become detached and pose a choking risk. If you have these in your home stop using them immediately and return to any Mamas & Papas store for a full refund. John Lewis has the same concern about its Joules baby Winnie owl long sleeve top and baby Barney bear jumper - the stock numbers to look out for are 21042501 and 21055501.

You can check the Trading Standards and Food Standard Agency website for a full list of recall alerts.

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