Drunken US airman found passed-out in car he drove on shredded tyre

Both airmen appeared before Suffolk Magistrates Court Picture: GREGG BROWN

Both airmen appeared before Suffolk Magistrates Court Picture: GREGG BROWN - Credit: Gregg Brown

A US airman was found slumped in the vomit-spattered front seat of a car he drove with a shredded tyre while drunk on tequila.

Christopher Webb was found passed-out in the driver's seat of a Honda Jazz, parked on a filling station forecourt, at about 2.45pm on New Year's Eve.

Police were called to reports of a man asleep at the wheel of a car with a completely shredded tyre, the engine still running, and vomit down the offside door and on the driver's seat.

The 31-year-old was described as "dazed and confused" as he climbed from the car and had difficulty walking towards officers without propping himself up.

Webb, of The Chase, Brandon, appeared at Suffolk Magistrates' Court on Friday to admit driving with 83 microgrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath - the legal limit being 35mcg.

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Shelley Drew, mitigating, said the RAF Lakenheath jet engine mechanic was "deeply ashamed" to be before the court and to have brought himself, his country and the military into disrepute.

She said the father-of-two could offer no explanation or reason for drinking alone for two hours, before driving home and being forced to pull into the BP garage at Brandon with a flat tyre.

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"His commander will take administrative action against him" she added.

"He anticipates it will result in demotion, a reduction in pay, and the air force equivalent of unpaid work through additional duties."

Webb was disqualified from driving for 19 months and fined £1,407.

Following Webb into the dock, fellow US airman Bryce Burke, 22, of Eriswell Drive, Lakenheath, admitted driving with 88mcg of alcohol in breath and without insurance.

Burke was seen driving an Mazda MX5 across the central line and onto the nearside verge of the A1065, at Mildenhall, just before midnight on November 10.

Lyndon Davies, mitigating, said Burke made no excuses for taking a "stupid risk" and understood the dangers of drink-driving in the cold light of day.

He said Burke was due to lose his recent promotion to staff sergeant and would be subject to further internal penalty.

Mr Davies said Burke had been mistakenly continuing to insure a previous car of the same model and had failed to properly check the paperwork.

Burke was also banned for 19 months and fined a total of £1,262.

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