Clacton: Douglas Carswell strolls to victory for UKIP at Clacton by-election

Douglas Carswell is announced as the winner of the Clacton by-election

Douglas Carswell is announced as the winner of the Clacton by-election - Credit: Archant

UKIP has its first elected MP in Westminster after Douglas Carswell managed to increase his majority in the Clacton seat.

Douglas Carswell ahead of the announcement

Douglas Carswell ahead of the announcement - Credit: Archant

Douglas Carswell has been re-elected MP for Clacton by a majority of 12,404.

The MP won the by-election, sparked by his defection from the Tories, with a 12,404 majority, knocking the Conservative candidate Giles Watling into second place far behind with 8,709 votes.

There were loud cheers in Clacton Town Hall as the result was announced at 2.45am by acting returning officer Ian Davidson.

Mr Carswell extended his majority by 336 from the 12,068 majority he commanded for the Conservatives in the 2010 general election.

In his victory speech Mr Carswell said: “I thank my fellow candidates who I have the utmost respect for. It needs a certain something to put yourself forward for public office and well done for doing so with such decency.

“To the electorate I give my gratitude. Thank you for electing me.

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“You are my boss. I will not let you down.

“To my new party I offer these thoughts. Humility when we win, modesty when we are proven right.

“If you speak with passion let it always be tempered with compassion.

“We must be a party for all of Briatin, and all Britons, whether first or second generation.

“If we stand true to that there is nothing we cannot achieve, in Essex, East Anglia or Britain.

“The governing can no longer presume to know what is right for the governed.”

Mr Carswell added he thought fellow Tory defector Mark Reckless would now go on to win his seat in Rochester.

Conservative candidate Mr Watling said: “Personally I have thoroughly enjoyed being out and meeting people, talking about their concerns and our plan to secure a better future for this beautiful area I love so much.

“I intende to stand here in May when this country will face a clear choice as to who they want to be the leader – David Cameron or Ed Miliband.

“This is not the end of my campaign, merely the beginning.”s

Mr Carswell, who defected from the Tories to UKIP at the end of August held the seat he has represented since 2005 after a long count which was declared in the early hours of the morning.

He beat new Conservative candidate Giles Watling decisively with Labour’s Tim Young coming third.

The Greens beat the Liberal Democrats into fourth place, both losing their deposits.