Clacton: Patrols stepped up following spike in number of burglaries involving businesses

POLICE patrols are being stepped up after it emerged shops and restaurants in Clacton have been targeted by thieves 27 times in just two months.

Retailers are being urged to think about security following a spike in burglaries which has seen it hit three times a week since the summer.

Statistics released by Essex police show that shops and restaurants have been hit countless time, with the contents of shop tills and charity box money being the main items stolen in thefts.

Cash was stolen from The Lunch Box, Beds Centres and Crispins Sandwich Bar.

Neighbourhood constable, Pc Gary Coe, has urged business owners to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity immediately to the police.

He said: “We continue to carry out high-visibility patrols to deter burglars and covert patrols to catch them.

“This hopefully sends out a powerful, yet simple message to the criminal fraternity operating in Clacton.

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“To support us and maintain this proactive approach, we need businesses to assess their security arrangements and to improve them where necessary. Employing a few simple measures can help to deter thieves. For instance, if you have CCTV, ensure that it is working and free from criminal interference.

“We are using police intelligence and information given to us by members of the public to target our patrols and known suspects. However, we cannot work alone. We need to work together if we are to reduce business crime in Clacton.”

Retailers are advised not to keep large sums of money on premises, to ensure gates and compounds are locked and secure, to consider extra security and to empty company vehicles of any valuables and park them in secure and visible areas.

Police said crimes against businesses were not usually planned and tend to happen when someone spots an opportunity.

Officers are asking people to look at their businesses through the eyes of a criminal, focusing on the ease of entering the property and the vulnerability of employees’ parked cars.

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