Clacton: UKIP county council group leader thinks they will be celebrating tonight

The Election count in Clacton gets underway.

The Election count in Clacton gets underway. - Credit: Archant

The UKIP group leader at Essex County Council says he is confident of a win for Douglas Carswell tonight.

Jamie Huntman, county councillor for Castle Point, added if Mr Carswell does become his party’s first elected MP it could be a springboard for others to follow.

He said: “I have always said Essex is going to lead the way and I imagine that is going to happen here.

“The people here are the similar to those in south Essex, they are fed up.

“We are taking votes from the Tories and Labour but probably more important we are taking votes from people who have had enough, and who have not voted for years.

“We are such a distinct party from the other three – and I am confident of a win.

“If things go as I think they will this will be a springboard for us to get other MPs, particularly along the Thames estuary.

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“We will see MPs rebranding because they are worried about their position.”

Mr Huntman added that he thought the Brightlingsea county council election would be very close, but added “real change” would happen in Westminster.

“This time last year I thought we might get one or two MPs. Now, who knows,” he added.

Click here for live updates from the Clacton by-election count.

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