Activists feign death in Colchester town centre in climate change protest

Extinction Rebellion climate activists performed a 'die-in' outsite the Firstsite centre in Colchest

Extinction Rebellion climate activists performed a 'die-in' outsite the Firstsite centre in Colchester. Pictures: ANDREW PARTRIDGE - Credit: Andrew Partridge

Environmental activists have held a ‘die-in’ and a mock funeral procession in Colchester this afternoon to raise awareness of the global climate crisis.

Activists met in Castle Park on Saturday afternoon, before taking part in a fake funeral procession with symbolic coffins, flowers and drums through the town centre.

Organised by Extinction Rebellion, a nationwide direct action group, protesters then performed a ‘die-in’ outside the Firstsite centre - where activists laid motionless on the ground to represent the possible extinction of the human race, and later again at various other locations.

The protest ended with the funeral ceremony, where attendees were asked to wear black clothing - some in suits and top hats - and pay respect to the metaphoric bodies.

Hundreds took part in the event, which organisers say was held to grieve the loss of life around the world due to climate change.

Before the event, organisers said: “We rebel because we love this world.

“It breaks our hearts to see it ravaged, to watch people, plants and animals all over this world already dying, and to know that this will soon happen to our children if nothing changes.

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“There is no way forward without first giving voice to our grief.”

Following the peaceful protest, activists ended the memorial proceedings by meeting for a ‘wake’ in the Queen Street Brew House.

Extinction Rebellion also have groups across Suffolk, and recently held a March for Our Children event in Bury St Edmunds.

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