Colchester man, accused of raping student, claims there was “instant attraction” between them

Sultan Mohammed, 24, of Almond Way, Colchester, told Ipswich Crown Court there was an instant attra

Sultan Mohammed, 24, of Almond Way, Colchester, told Ipswich Crown Court there was an instant attraction between him and the student he is accused of raping Picture: ARCHANT - Credit: ARCHANT

A Colchester man accused of raping an Essex university student has claimed they had consensual sex after there was “an instant attraction” between them.

Sultan Mohammed told a jury at Ipswich Crown Court that the woman had invited him into her room and they had flirted with each other.

“It was an instant attraction,” he said.

Mohammed, who told the court he had played football for Colchester United, said he had been to a party on the university campus and had then wandered around the student accommodation looking for an “after party” or “ drink-in”.

He claimed he had entered the alleged victim’s accommodation block through an open communal door and had knocked on a door after hearing music.

He claimed the door was opened by the alleged victim who suggested they had their own drink-in.

He said they had talked and flirted before having sex on her bed.

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He claimed that during sex she had made him feel uneasy by asking his name several times and he had said: “ I think we should stop.”

He said that after leaving the woman’s room he had continued wandering around the site looking for a “drink-in”.

He denied raping the student by having sex with her while she was asleep.

“I’m not a rapist. I don’t have to rape women,” he said.

Mohammed, 24, of Almond Way, Colchester, has denied rape on October 3 last year

It has been alleged that the student woke up to find Mohammed having sex with her and initially “froze” before pushing him off her.

Andrew Thompson, prosecuting, claimed Mohammed had been prowling around the Colchester campus in the early hours of the morning and had “probably been looking for some sort of sexual encounter.”

He said Mohammed had come across an insecure door to student accommodation and allegedly entered the unlocked room where the student was asleep.

After leaving the woman’s room Mohammed, who isn’t a student at the university, was allegedly seen on CCTV trying other doors and windows on the campus.

He was interviewed by police after his handprint was found on a window he had allegedly tried to enter.

The trial continues.

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