Colchester: No change on Borough Council in election

THE political makeup of Colchester Borough Council has not changed following the results of the local election.

There were 20 seats up for grabs and none change hands.

Nine were held by the Conservatives, seven by the Liberal Democrats, three by Labour and one seat was held by the Independents.

The Liberal Democrats keep their majority on the council with 26 seats. The Conservatives have 24, Labour have 7 and the Independents have 3.

Colchester is the only Liberal Democrat-led council in Essex.

Election results: Colchester Borough Council

Berechurch: Dave Harris (L) 1565, Andrew Bright (C) 450, Bruno Hickman (LD) 334, Maria Iacovou (Gn) 73. Turnout: 38%. No Change.

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Birch & Winstree: Andrew Ellis (C) 1430, Gill Collings (LD) 234, Tobie Glenny (Gn) 136, James Spencer (L) 282. Turnout: 47%. No change.

Castle: Nick Barlow (LD) 1113, Peter Lynn (Gn) 715, Bruce Halling (C) 583, Luke Dopson (L) 368, Turnout: 39%. No change.

Christ Church: Martin Hunt (LD) 739, Roger Buston (C) 569, Clare Palmer (Gn) 213, Tyron Wilson (L) 196. Turnout: 53%. No change.

Copford & West Stanway: Jackie Maclean (C) 465, John Spademan (L) 95, Rob James (LD) 90, David Traynier (Gn) 47. Turnout: 47%. No change.

Fordham & Stour: Nigel Chapman (C) 1246, Elizabeth Dennis (L) 286, Chris Mort (Gn) 142, Barry Woodward (LD) 177. Turnout: 45%. No change.

Great Tey: Peter Chillingworth (C) 703, Mark Cole (UKIP) 171, Bob Fisher (L) 114, Stephen Ford (Gn) 67, Rachel Goodwin (LD) 104. Turnout: 53%. No change.

Highwoods: Philip Oxford (Ind) 1519, Rob Walker (C) 413, Steve Diamond (LD) 227, Barry Gilheany (L) 204, Robbie Spence (Gn) 111, Turnout: 37%. No change.

Mile End: Ann Turrell (LD) 1765, Matt Eaton (C) 713, Mary Byran (Gn) 132, Michael Donnachie (L) 287. Turnout: 41%. No change

New Town: Annie Feltham (LD) 1026, Lillie Dopson (L) 486, Steve McGouch (Gn) 294, Lauren McManus (C) 272. Turnout: 34%. No change.

Prettygate: Will Quince (C) 1535, John Loxley (LD) 1236, Peter Appleton (Gn) 152, Mike Dale (L&C) 341. Turnout: 55%. No change.

Shrub End: Pauline Hazell (C) 854, Chris Butler (LD) 731, Bruce Tuxford (L) 462, Walter Schwarz (Gn) 124,. Turnout: 33%. No change.

St Andrew’s: Tim Young (L) 1288, Alex Hopkins (C) 277, Owen Bartholomew (LD) 257, Beverley Maltby (Gn) 84,. Turnout: 30%. No change

St Anne’s: Barrie Cook (LD) 1074, Benjamin Caine (C) 506, Paul Fryer-Kelsey (L) 418, Lucy Glover (Gn) 154. Turnout: 33%. No change.

Stanway: Lesley Scott-Boutell (LD) 1404, Bryan Johnston (C) 866, David Alexander (L) 394, Pamela Nelson (Gn) 109. Turnout: 44%. No change.

Tiptree: Katherine Bamforth (Gn) 177, M Fairley-Crowe (C) 1425, Beth Gudgeon (LD) 201, Audrey Spencer (L) 629. Turnout: 40%. No change.

West Bergholt & Eight Ash Green: Marcus Harrington (C) 1088, John Gili-Ross (Ind) 471, Roger Bamforth (Gn) 109, Ben Richards (LD) 127, John Wood (L) 191. Turnout: 50%. No change.

West Mersea: Margaret Kimberley (C) 1596, David Bragg (Ind) 659, Barbara Nichols (L) 299, Jenny Sevens (LD) 206, Daisy Blench (Gn) 131. Turnout: 50%. No change.

Wivenhoe Cross: Mark Cory (LD) 673, Ashley Rudge (L) 303, Berthold Lausen (Gn) 93, Mo Metcalf-Fisher (C) 244,. Turnout: 37%. No change.

Wivenhoe Quay: Stephen Ford (L) 1279, Mercedes Mussard (C) 573, Sam McKay (LD) 172, Sandra Moog (Gn) 217. Turnout: 53%. No change.

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