Colchester nominations

Berechurch: David Harris (L), Pauline Hazel (C), Craig Sutton (LD)*Castle: Malcolm Cannon (L), Pauline Lucas (C), William Spyvee (LD)*Dedham and L

Berechurch: David Harris (L), Pauline Hazel (C), Craig Sutton (LD)*

Castle: Malcolm Cannon (L), Pauline Lucas (C), William Spyvee (LD)*

Dedham and Langham: Caroline Catney (LD), John (known as Chris) Garnett*, Ian Yates (L)

East Donyland: Peter Byham (I), Andrew Raison (L)*, Patricia Sanderson (C), Barry Woodward (LD)

Harbour: David Canning (L), Susan Harper (C), Justin Knight (LD)*

Highwoods: Paul Booker (LD), Shahid Husain (C), Beverley Oxford (I)*, Hugh Thomas (L)

Most Read

Lexden: Helen Bayliss (LD), Donald Henshall (C)*, Alan Trudigan (L)

Marks Tey: Richard Gower (C)*, Patrick Mead (I), John Wood (L), Martin Vernan (LD)

Mile End: Brian Jarvis (C), Peter Mecklenburgh (LD), Janet Smith (L)

New Town: Glenn Bath (C), Peter Higgins (LD)*, David Hough (L)

Prettygate: Luke Dopson (L), John Gray (LD)*, Ron Levy (C)

St Andrew's: Anne Allan (C), Tina Dopson (L), Ralph Johnston (LD)

St Anne's: Angus Allan (C), Gaik-Choon (known as Helen) Chuah (LD)*, Robert Fisher (L)

St John's: Derek Smith (C), Paul Smith (LD)*, Mark Warner (L)

Shrub End: Roger Buston (C), Barry James (LD), Kim Naish (L)

Stanway: Andrew Ellis (C), Gwendoline Ilott (LD), John Spademan (L)

Tiptree: John Elliott (I)*, Richard (known as Dick) Martin (C), Alan Mogridge (L)

West Mersea: John Boukley (C)*, Audrey Spencer (L), John Stevens (LD)

Wivenhoe Cross: John Galpin (LD), Eugene Kraft (C), Aulay Mackenzie (L)

Wivenhoe Quay: Jeremy Jacobs (LD), Robert Newman (I)*, Thomas Prosser (L), Ann Quarrie (C)

* Key: C, Conservative; I, Independent; L, Labour; LD, Liberal Democrat; *, denotes sitting councillor

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