Colchester: Police determined to bring Justice for Jay – six months after teenager was stabbed

Jay Whiston

Jay Whiston - Credit: PA

SIX months on from the murder of teenager Jay Whiston at a house party in Colchester, detectives are still determined to bring to justice whoever is responsible.

Detectives investigating the murder of Clacton teenager Jay Whiston held a press conference today to

Detectives investigating the murder of Clacton teenager Jay Whiston held a press conference today to issue a renewed appeal for information to mark what would have been the boy's 18th birthday. L-R DC Annette Bland (family liason), Caroline Shearer (Mother of Jay), Holly Fairburn (Sister of Jay) and DCI Simon Parkes

Jay, 17, was stabbed in the heart and abdomen when a fight broke out at a party in Marlowe Way just after 10pm on September 8, 2012. He died a short time later in hospital.

In the last six months, a team of detectives investigating Jay’s murder have taken more than 400 statements, examined 72 mobile phones and submitted numerous exhibits for forensic examination.

DCI Simon Parkes, who is leading the investigation, said: “We believe there were 190 people at the party and we’ve had significant support from many of them with this investigation.

“We’ve been through the witness accounts of what happened in the minutest of detail to reconstruct what happened. “This is painstaking piece of work but it’s important that we get it right and we give it the time and dedication that it deserves

“Jay’s parents, Jay’s sister and Jay’s friends are understandably distraught that we’re six months into the enquiry and people are yet to be charged. I really do understand the anger and frustration they must feel.

“There are people who know full well what happened, people who our suspects would have confided in, people who would have helped our suspects in some way, and it’s these people I would appeal to.”

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On February 21, 2013, two new Facebook adverts were launched in an effort to reach people living in the Colchester and Clacton areas who could have vital information.

The adverts, one aimed at 16 to 22 year olds, and one aimed at 35 to 55-year-old parents, were put together with the input of a group of students about the same age as Jay.

The adverts replace those launched in January this year and appear on the Facebook pages of the target audience. When the adverts are clicked on, the user is taken through to a detailed appeal on the Essex Police Facebook page.

The advert aimed at teenagers uses the headline ‘Justice for Jay’ and a photograph of Jay which a group of his closest friends. The wording underneath reads “Jay was out mate. His killer could go free. Could you live with the guilt?”

The second advert features a photograph of Jay with his mum, the headline “Jay Deserves Justice” and the wording “No mother should lose their son. Mine was murdered. Time is running out to find his killer.”

So far the adverts have reached 21, 214 teenagers and 25,097 adults but detectives still need people to come forward with information.

“Anyone who has got any information can take confidence from those that have already helped us,” said DCI Parkes. “We have had significant support with this investigation. Lots of people have helped us so you won’t be alone. It’s really important that people come forward.”

Contact police on 101.

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