Colchester: Sir Bob Russell in rage over spoof Twitter account

SIR Bob Russell has hit out at the “sick, evil and warped mind” behind an alleged online impersonation of the MP.

The Lib Dem says the spoof Twitter account was part of a three-year campaign of “dirty tricks by three immature men of the same party”.

But senior figures of Colchester’s Conservative and Labour parties have denied involvement.

Sir Bob - speaking in the House of Commons before the account was yesterday removed by Twitter - claimed the feed had been “filled with vile comments”.

He said: “A Twitter account has been set up in the name of ‘Bob Russell MP’. I assure you that it is not I who have done it.

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“Throughout today it has been filled with vile comments from someone with a sick, evil and warped mind.

“This must be viewed in the context of three years of dirty tricks in Colchester against me by three immature young men who are all members of the same party.

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“It has involved a spoof YouTube video of me, a snooper photograph and letters to newspapers with false names and addresses.”

Terry Sutton, chairman of Colchester Conservative Association, said: “I don’t have a clue what he’s talking about - I have no knowledge what this is about.”

Jordan Newell, chairman of Colchester Labour Party, said: “This is a very unfortunate case and I would take this opportunity to confirm that no-one from Colchester Labour Party has been involved in this spoof.

“Unfortunately, many high profile individuals are subject to parody Twitter accounts. I do not believe this is either reasonable or acceptable. If I were in Sir Bob’s position I am sure I would be equally offended.”

Earlier this year - and just days after the MP was knighted - a parliamentary watchdog launched a probe into allegations Sir Bob wrongly claimed expenses for his constituency office. He claimed the accusations were part of a “dirty tricks” campaign by Tory activists, something denied at the time by the Colchester Conservative Association.

The Committee on Standards and Privileges is expected to publish the results of the investigation in the coming months.

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