Warning over cold callers claiming to be from home improvements company

Doweshill Close in Beccles

Dowes Hill Close in Beccles. - Credit: Google

People living in Beccles have been warned of cold callers operating in the area, after a pair claimed to be from a home improvements company.

Police and Suffolk Trading Standards had reports of cold callers operating in Dowes Hill Close on Wednesday, January 19. 

The cold callers claimed they were working for First Choice Home Improvements, a legitimate home improvement company, and told the householder that they could get grants.

The two men had paperwork on them but not ID, saying they had left it at home.

When the householder phoned First Choice Home Improvements, it was confirmed that the men did not work for them and that the grant offer was a scam.

Both men were wearing black sweatshirts with a logo of a little red house.

One of the men was white with a slight tan, in his late 20s, well-spoken, and wearing beige trousers with holes in them.

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The other man was in a vehicle.

Officers searched the area but there was no trace of the two men.

Police and Suffolk Trading Standards issued this advice if someone you don't know knocks on your door. 

  • Use a spy hole, chain or window to have a look at the caller before answering the door and keep the chain on. If you do not recognise the caller then speak through the closed and locked door.
  • Always ask for proof of identity. Take it from the person, through the letterbox, and read it carefully before deciding what to do.
  • Never use a phone number provided by the caller as it could be a false number to an accomplice.
  • Never give bank details to a caller, even those claiming to be from charities. Police will have a list of charitable organisations visiting your area which can be checked by calling 101. We recommend that you contact the charity directly if you wish to make a regular donation through your bank or building society.
  • Display a No Cold Calling sticker on your door which are free from Trading Standards and never buy goods and services from people calling at your door.
  • If you have any doubt, keep them out and remember you do not have to open the door.

Further advice on how to deal with cold callers and rogue traders can be found here.

You can report incidents to Suffolk Trading Standards here.