Colder and safer pints for town

WATERFRONT: A waterfront bar is to become the first in Ipswich to completely ditch traditional glasses in attempts to become safer and greener.

Isaac Lords are now opting to use a polycarbonate version of glasses, after beginning the initiation of the drinking glass during the summer of 2009.

It is hoped that the change will now significantly reduce the risk for staff and customers and will in turn relieve the bar of the issues surrounding broken glass.

John Jackaman, general manager at Isaacs, said: “Of course some customers at first were taken aback by the polycarbonate glasses.

“Taking everything into account I know what we have done here at Isaacs is the right decision now and in the future.

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“Like the smoking ban, change does take a little getting used to - change for the right reasons, in this case safety is a positive step for customers, staff and the environment.”

The bar was also influenced to change to polycarbonate by recent figures which revealed that a staggering 87,000 glass attacks occur in Britain each year.

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Polycarbonate is widely used in the manufacturing of crash helmets, bulletproof glass and airplane widescreens due to being the strongest available plastic.

The amazing material will now ensure that Isaacs glassware is virtually unbreakable - while it’s insulating properties also allows the beer to be kept cooler than traditional glasses.

Where traditional glass would be normally cold to touch - triggering a reaction with the brain - a polycarbonate glass efficiently maintains the temperature of the glass so it will not feel as cold, however the liquid inside will be.

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