Commuter Diary: Get ready before you leave the house

Get ready before you leave the house

Get ready before you leave the house - Credit: Archant

IT is a daily source of amusement for some, while others find it plain annoying.

And for Anita Curtis, it is nearly as frustrating as the incessant workers who insist on hammering away on their laptops while travelling in the quiet carriage.

What is it?

Woman making themselves up enroute to work.

This morning, Anita, who shares her commuter experiences with readers each week, asked: “Just wondering why young ladies feel the need to put a full face of make up on whilst on the train. Foundation, blusher, even eyelash curlers. Why not do this at home?”

She added: “Meanwhile, the old gripe about laptops in coach B lingers on. Why do people on laptops feel they have to hammer away so hard - the sound is really annoying.”

However, she did report that the train was of normal formation this morning and arrived on time.

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