Concern over late mail deliveries

By Benedict O'ConnorTHE Royal Mail has denied that postal workers in the Sudbury area do not have time to complete their rounds and are having to deliver mail a day late.

By Benedict O'Connor

THE Royal Mail has denied that postal workers in the Sudbury area do not have time to complete their rounds and are having to deliver mail a day late.

The East Anglian Daily Times was contacted by a concerned businessman from the Lavenham area, who said he had noticed mail arriving late and had asked a postal worker what was happening.

He claimed to have been told that due to changes in mail routes, as the Royal Mail switches to once-a-day deliveries and a reduction in overtime, some mail was not getting delivered on time from the Sudbury sorting office.

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The businessman added the post worker had said mail staff did not have enough time to complete their rounds and were heading back to the sorting office with letters still in their bags.

Another postman, who did not wish to be identified, told the EADT that this was the case because routes were changing to accommodate the new one delivery per day system.

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“They have changed our routes and reduced our overtime, so it's getting to time to finish the round and some of the mail still hasn't been delivered,” he said.

“Some of the lads are staying on and finishing, but not getting paid for the extra time, and some lads are heading back to the depot with mail still in their bags and it's going out the next day. No-one's happy about it, but you can't blame them.”

Lavenham Parish Council chairman Lyn Gurling said she had been contacted by villagers, who had been given the same explanation for late mail deliveries and were worried that they were part of a gradual erosion of the rural postal system.

“We have had problems with mail arriving long after its due and it seems to be that far too much is being asked of the postmen - they do a great job and it's not their fault,” she added.

“There are a lot of people in the village who are very unhappy about the situation and there is a feeling that if we can't safeguard our one remaining daily delivery, it may be the end of our delivery service.”

A spokeswoman for the Royal Mail admitted there had been some teething problems with the new one delivery system across the country, but insisted mail was still getting through on the same day, albeit later than usual.

She said the Royal Mail could only apologise and ask people to bear with them while the new system was being implemented.

The spokeswoman added: “Royal Mail can confirm that there are no problems at the Sudbury delivery office and all post is being delivered daily. Overtime arrangements are in place, with overtime being offered as normal.”

A spokesman for mail watchdog Postwatch said he was unaware of any specific problem at the Sudbury sorting office, but would be “very concerned” if mail was being held over and would investigate the matter further.


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