‘Consequences of drink-driving last longer than a hangover’ message from Essex Police’s festive campaign

Christmas anti-drink drive campaign launched in Essex.

Christmas anti-drink drive campaign launched in Essex. - Credit: PA

People are being reminded that drink-driving consequences last longer than a hangover as part of Essex Police’s annual anti-drink drive campaign.

The force takes drink-driving seriously all year round but will step up patrols in both towns with busy night economies and rural villages where drink drivers believe there is less chance of getting caught.

Officers will also increase rush hour checks to crack down on those who could still be over the limit the morning after.

The campaign, which begins today and will run until January 1, will also tie in with a road safety campaign The Honest Truth has an image of a man with the head of a bulldog to target drink-driving.

As well as breath tests officers will also be testing drivers for drug use.

The Essex Police website will keep a running total of all those found over the limit.

Not only drivers are being targeted, with others urged to report drink-drivers on 999 if they are on the road, or on 101 or via Crimestoppers if they regularly drink and drive.

Adam Pipe, casualty reduction manager, said: “Every year I am shocked that some selfish and foolish people still choose to put lives at risk by drinking and driving.

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“Christmas is a time for fun and celebration. We don’t want to spoil that but are asking everyone to remember the message of our campaign because the consequences of drink driving really do last much longer than a hangover.

“Please be a safe and responsible driver this Christmas.”