WATCH: Foodbank’s hilarious ‘sweet quarantine’ video after busiest week ever

Colchester Foodbank has received more than 11,000 views on its 'sweet quarantine' video on Facebook.

Colchester Foodbank has received more than 11,000 views on its 'sweet quarantine' video on Facebook. Picture: COLCHESTER FOODBANK - Credit: COLCHESTER FOODBANK

‘Quarantine may be isolating but it doesn’t have to be miserable’ – that’s the message from Colchester Foodbank who has experienced its busiest week ever but has been overwhelmed by the support.

The foodbank has seen a huge surge in demand since the government’s decision to lockdown the country, but luckily it has been met by a huge surge in supply and an increased generosity by the public.

To thank people for their donations – and also to spread an important message – volunteers at the foodbank have shared a video of them on Facebook singing ‘sweet quarantine’ to the tune of the ever-popular Neil Diamond song.

The video, which features the lyrics “show you love the NHS” and “stay at home and spread it less”, has received more than 11,000 views since it was published yesterday – and already people are filming their own versions to spread the message.

Mike Beckett, who has run the foodbank since 2017, said: “We wanted to say thanks to people who have been so generous in our busiest week ever, but also to spread the message about keeping safe.”

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On a normal day, the foodbank prepares and hands out around 20 parcels, however this week it has been handing out almost 40 a day – with demand nearly doubling due to the coronavirus pandemic.

More: How you can help region’s foodbanks during coronavirus crisisMr Beckett says it is a challenging time for the foodbank, who have had to train more volunteers after almost two thirds of its staffing have been forced to self-isolate due to being aged over 70.

They have also had to change lots of their systems due to the social distancing measures brought in by the government.

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The volunteers involved in the video hope they can spread some positivity at this dark time and reinforce the right message.

Caroline, a volunteer at the foodbank who derived the lyrics to the song, said they wanted to spread the message in a fun way so that people take it on board and share it.

She said: “Quarantine is sweet because it saves your life.

“We chose the song as we wanted a real earworm which would get stuck in people’s heads, and all ages know the song Sweet Caroline.”

She also said it is important to get the hand-washing message out in a fun way, as it effects the volunteers and staff at the foodbank who have to handle people’s food every day.

“I thought if people could see the faces of those they are putting in danger by not practising good hygiene then maybe they would think more carefully about washing their hands,” she said.

“Quarantine may be isolating but it doesn’t have to be miserable.”

You can find out more about the song and support the foodbank by visiting their Facebook page.

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