‘Always willing to help’ - Villagers assist those most in need during coronavirus pandemic

Residents in Barrow are rallying around to help those most in need during the coronavirus outbreak.

Residents in Barrow are rallying around to help those most in need during the coronavirus outbreak. Picture: GOOGLE MAPS - Credit: Archant

The group of residents from Barrow, near Bury St Edmunds, are being led by their parish council - which has devised a plan to reach those most in need, to ensure they receive the appropriate help.

By creating two contact forms - one for those believed to be in an at risk group, and one for residents who are willing to help - and posting them through every letterbox, parish councillors hope that volunteers can reach those who are self-isolating and are in need of help.

MORE: Get involved in our ‘Home, but not alone’ campaignThe village already has a group who assists residents with their shopping and prescriptions. However it was quickly realised that after the government recommended all those in a high risk group, including over 70s, needed to self-isolate, further help would be needed.

John Pearson, Barrow cum Denham Parish Council chairman, said: “Barrow is also one of the larger villages in the area and so the need for a more centralised plan is probably more needed.

“We’ve received more than 20 comments on our Facebook group from people who are willing to go and post the contact forms.

“There are lots of people who are not online. By posting the letters through the door, there will be contact numbers, postal returns and a return box in the local post office which will allow anyone to get help if they need it, not just those with internet.”

MORE: Join our Facebook group for the latest coronavirus updatesIn starting the new help group, the parish council is hoping to find out the best way to reach as many in need as possible, which could help other communities in the coming weeks.

However, Mr Pearson added that the key to any successful group is willing volunteers - of which Barrow has many.

“I am proud of the way that the village has responded,” he added.

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“We have been in the news for the wrong reasons recently with the housing applications that have been going on but, whenever anyone ask about the village, residents are always very positive.

“They are always willing to help, especially in such unprecedented times.”

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