‘Call police straight away’ - Warning after man in ‘pig mask’ tries to accost children in Ipswich

A man in a pig mask tried to accost a group of children in woodland near Downside Close in Ipswich o

A man in a pig mask tried to accost a group of children in woodland near Downside Close in Ipswich on Saturday Picture: SARAH LUCY BROWN

A councillor is set to speak with police officers covering her ward after a group of children were accosted in her ward by a man reportedly wearing a pig mask in Ipswich.

Suffolk police were called to reports that a man tried to beckon a group of children to a wooded area off Downside Close on Saturday, September 7.

A spokesman for Suffolk police said a man wearing what the children described as a "pig mask" gestured towards them, asking them to come over.

The children escaped the incident unharmed and the man fled the scene in a white transit-style van.

Ipswich Borough Councillor Tracey Grant - who represents the Stoke Park ward in Ipswich, where the accosting happened - said she was going to speak to the area's Safer Neighbour Team (SNT) about the incident.

She said: "My advice is to call the police straight away and to keep yourself safe. "Children just need to be aware this is something that is unusual but has happened in the area.

"They must call the police or call their parents.

"You never know what this man is doing, it must be a concern for parents.

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"The best thing to do is to call police straight away, they can get down there quite quickly.

"They would rather go to a well-intentioned call to find nothing than not go and it be something.

"Also, if you see someone getting in a car, try and take down the registration plate.

"Even part of the registration can help police.

"But if the person is there, calling 999 is appropriate.

"I will raise that this has happened with out SNT inspector."

Councillor Bob Hall, who also represents the ward, said he was glad the children had managed to get away unharmed.

"Thankfully, the children had the sense not to go with this man," he said.

"These incidents are not regular occurrences but it is something we have to be vigilant about and watchful.

"I would like to remind parents to teach their children not to go with these sorts of people."

"I am just really glad no-one has been harmed."

If you witnessed the incident, or have similar reports of such an incident, call police on 101 quoting incident reference 37/54088/19.

Alternatively, information can be given anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.