Couple celebrate second miracle baby

By Annie DavidsonA MOTHER has beaten the odds for a second time after giving birth to healthy daughter, despite once being told she might never have children.

By Annie Davidson

A MOTHER has beaten the odds for a second time after giving birth to healthy daughter, despite once being told she might never have children.

Lisa Rogers, 36, has battled with cardiac problems all her life after being born with her heart valves the wrong way round.

She also had several holes in the heart and needed surgery as a child to correct both problems.

Nine years ago she needed a major operation to replace one of the artificial valves after it wore out and she lost the baby she was carrying.

After the six-and-a-half-hour operation, during which a pacemaker was also fitted, her family and husband, Colin, were warned she may not survive.

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But Mrs Rogers not only fought her way back to health, but has overcome the odds to have two children.

Mr Rogers, 41, said he and his wife had been warned that she could be at risk if she became pregnant and they discussed the situation in depth before deciding to have children.

“There is obviously a risk in any pregnancy, but for someone with cardiac problems, that risk is even greater,” he added.

In January 1999, Mrs Rogers gave birth to their first child, Daniel, who was healthy, despite being born six weeks early.

Last month their family was completed with the arrival of Lily Amy, who was born four weeks early weighing 3lb 15oz.

Little Lily spent almost three weeks in the special care baby unit at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London before being allowed home on September 12.

Mr Rogers said it had been a big decision to have another child, but they had both wanted a brother or sister for Daniel.

He added: “Considering what Lisa has been through, it was a big decision to have another child as we are just so grateful that she is all right and that we have Daniel.

“We took advice and decided we would have another one and we knew Lisa would have a lot of monitoring and things again in London. It was a big decision, but fortunately everything went okay.”

Mrs Rogers was admitted to hospital on bed-rest when she was 30 weeks pregnant for both children. Lily was born on August 24 by caesarean section because she was in the breech position.

Mr Rogers said their family was now complete with the arrival of Lily and added: “To go from what we had to what we have got now is beyond our wildest dreams.

“There was a time when we were told Lisa surviving was a miracle, so to have Daniel and now Lily has made us both so happy.

“Lisa was saying the other day she was over the moon to have a little girl, although obviously the main thing is that the baby was all right, but we are so pleased to have one of each.”

Five-year-old Daniel is relishing his role as big brother and cannot wait to get home from school every day to see Lily.

“He loves it. He talks to her, strokes her face and kisses her. He is very proud he has got a little sister - although when she is playing with his toys I don't know how he will feel,” said Mr Rogers.

He hoped his wife's story would give hope to other people with medical conditions who doubted they could have children.

“Although there was a great risk, Lisa has shown people that there is hope and highlight the fact that even if you have doubted you can have children, it can work out,” said Mr Rogers.

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