A farm owner has expressed frustration and told flytippers to "get a proper job" after nearly 60 tyres were dumped in her Suffolk farmyard.

The incident is thought to have happened earlier this week in Playford Road, Rushmere St Andrew.

Farm owner Eileen Stennett said: "Thinking back, I heard it, a loud noise woke me up.

"I looked out across the farm wondering what it was, but no security lights turned on and none of our cameras were pinged.

"The farm contractor who does our arable for us called me in the morning and said 'Eileen, you've got a big fly-tip of tires at the gate."

"It makes you feel cross and frustrated. There is no excuse— sometimes you have to pay for tyres to be taken away but they're some people who will do it for free."

East Anglian Daily Times: The tires were dumped around 5.15am on March 7The tires were dumped around 5.15am on March 7 (Image: Eileen Stennett)

She said the tyres were "recognisable" with one carrying a barcode, another painted purple and one painted white.

She added: "If the person who paid to get rid of them gets into contact with me, then we can work together to catch them."

East Anglian Daily Times: Ms Stennett said some of the tyres were recognisableMs Stennett said some of the tyres were recognisable (Image: Eileen Stennett)

Ms Stennett added that she has already reported the incident to the police (CRN 37-13807-22), and the NFU.

"I reported it to the NFU so they can gain an accurate view of fly-tipping. Rural crime goes underreported anyway. People don't have an idea of the scale of the problem, so it doesn't get the funding it needs."

East Anglian Daily Times: One of the tires had a bar codeOne of the tires had a bar code (Image: Eileen Stennett)

She continued: "I'm going to have to get rid of the tyres myself. Through social media, someone has told me they'd take them, but I'm going to check they are legitimate so it doesn't end up on someone else's farm.

"If I could tell the flytippers anything, it would be to get a proper job. There are so many legal ways to make money, so many people hiring. Start contributing to society, it works better when we're all pulling in the same direction."

A Suffolk police spokesman said: "The criminal damage took place between midnight on Sunday 6th and 6 am on February 7. A padlock was cut and around 60 car tyres were dumped.

"Our investigations are continuing and anyone who has information is asked to contact Suffolk Police via the website or by calling 101, quoting crime ref 37/13807/22."

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