People in Suffolk are being warned to beware of bogus calls from a scammer asking to inspect their loft insulation.

A spokesman for Suffolk Trading Standards said the scammer claims to be a conservation officer from the local council.

"The individual claims that there is a 'problem with old glass fibre and mineral wool insulation'.

"The caller then goes on to offer a free survey of the loft, and attempts to make an appointment. This information is false."

The heartless scam comes at a time when many people are worried about soaring energy prices.

The spokesman said people should always be wary of any cold call, and check credentials.

"Always check any claims made, especially when the company are claiming to work with other agencies.

"Always check the IDs of anyone who visits your property, claiming to work for an organisation. Keep any paperwork they give you."

People are advised never to provide any personal information to calls that is not required, and never to agree to have work done before receiving a second opinion.

If you have any concerns about a company that has contacted you, call Citizens' Advice Consumer Service on 0808 2231133.