'Alcoholic fantasist' lied about being in army

Ipswich Crown Court can only hold limited numbers of trials because of social distancing measures fr

Carl Robinson, from Brandon, lied about his army service - Credit: Archant

The sentence of a man who was caught with weapons in public dressed in camouflage clothing was adjourned by a judge after it emerged he had been lying about being in the armed forces. 

Judge Emma Peters, who has military experience, told Carl Robinson, 38, who claimed to have served in the British Army, to "stop this lie that you are living". 

Ipswich Crown Court heard how Robinson had lied to both the Probation Service and to a doctor during a psychiatric assessment by claiming many of his issues were as a result of his army service. 

Robinson's barrister Adam Norris told Judge Peters that following a "frank" discussion with his client, the lies had come to light. 

Mr Norris said Robinson had never been in the army and was in fact an "alcoholic fantasist", who had been addressing his alcohol issues with charity Turning Point. 

Robinson was before the court on Thursday to be sentenced after previously pleading guilty to possessing an imitation firearm in a public place and two charges of possessing a knife or bladed article in a public place.

Robinson was stopped in Brandon town centre on September 8, 2019, dressed in camouflage clothing, with an air rifle wrapped in a cloth and a rucksack on his back. 

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He was compliant with police and a search of the rucksack revealed a lock knife and a small axe.

Robinson said he had been doing some survivalist training in Brandon Wood, and was hoping to get back into the army. 

He claimed to have taken part in a tour of Afghanistan from 2000 to 2003. 

Judge Peters said it was "quite a sad state of affairs" and ordered another pre-sentence report from the Probation Service. 

The judge told Robinson: "You came here to be sentenced for three offences yet all the while you have been telling lies. All the while you said you were in the army.

"I think you need to have an honest conversation, frankly, about this fantasy. Stop this lie you are living. Be honest."

Judge Peters added that she wanted to explore Robinson's suitability for a sobriety ankle tag, but she was not ruling out immediate custody. 

Robinson, of Riverside Way, Brandon, will now be sentenced at Ipswich Crown Court on May 4.