Jury set to retire to consider verdict in schoolgirl sex assault trial

Ipswich crown court with road sign

Lawrence Green's trial is taking place at Ipswich Crown Court - Credit: Archant

The jury in the trial of a 66-year-old former Suffolk man accused of sexually assaulting a schoolgirl more than a decade ago is expected to retire to consider its verdicts on Monday (December 6).

Before Ipswich Crown Court is Lawrence Green, who now lives in Spinners Lane, Swaffham.

He has denied six offences of sexually assaulting a girl under 13 dating back to when she was as young as five.

It has been alleged that he sexually assaulted the girl while playing a naked wrestling game, which he called the “jelly bean or jelly baby game”, with her on a bed when he was in his fifties and she was  primary school age.

Isobel Ascherson, prosecuting, said that once the girl and Green were naked they had “tumbled over each other” on a bed.

On another occasion Green and the girl had been naked in a hot tub with Green and two other adults and while she was floating on her back her foot had allegedly accidentally touched his penis.

Miss Ascherson alleged that Green had then taken hold of her foot and tried to pull it back in contact with his penis.

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Green had also spent the night in a tent with the girl so that they could watch deer and allegedly told her they should sleep naked in a sleeping bag together to keep warm.

Cross-examined by defence counsel Jonathan Goodman, the alleged victim denied that the allegations she had made against Green had “nothing to do with the truth” and were designed to “hurt or wound” his wife after they fell out.

Giving evidence  Green claimed he had been “a friend” to the girl and denied sexually assaulting her.

He denied that he had groomed her from a young age by having naked physical contact with her and that she had “put up with it.”

“She never put up with anything. She had her say if she wanted to,” said Green.

The court heard that the alleged victim hadn’t told anyone about what Green had allegedly done to her until 2017 and following his arrest Green denied sexually assaulting her and  described her as “malicious”.