Photographer secretly recorded couple in bedroom of his Suffolk holiday home

Magistrates court Ipswich Picture: CHARLOTTE BOND

A man from Essex had to pay thousands after being found guilty of recording a couple with a hidden camera - Credit: CHARLOTTE BOND

A 64-year-old man secretly recorded a couple in the bedroom of his Suffolk holiday home using a hidden camera, a court heard.

Roy Strutt, of Greenstead Road, Ongar, Essex, denied voyeurism but was found guilty in his absence and was sentenced on Monday at Suffolk Magistrates' Court.

In November 2016, Mr Strutt, who works as a photographer, offered to let a couple his wife knew through a friend stay in their second home in Walberswick.

The couple had been living in the same area as Mr Strutt for around a year and were celebrating their ninth wedding anniversary together. 

The couple were told which bedroom to use, but while in there the husband noticed a USB charger dongle which he unplugged.

Mr Strutt contacted the couple asking them to plug it back in, saying it helped improve the Wi-Fi for the surrounding apartments.

They moved it to the kitchen and plugged it in there, but Mr Strutt said the bedroom provided the best signal for the other apartments.

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Upon further inspection, the couple felt like the device had a hidden camera in it, they decided to keep it and confront Mr Strutt about it after finding a similar looking device online.

It was confirmed to have a camera and an SD card, the footage on which showed the couple in the bedroom including the woman in a state of undress.

Mr Strutt, who also helps restore computers for charity, said he had planned to use the device for home security and said he hadn't examined which device it was and that it was a mistake that he brought it to the flat.

When police searched Mr Strutt's computer, the internet history showed nearly 89 searches for voyeurism.

Since the incident the wife said she had been left with anxiety and in a statement said that: “He had no thought for anyone else but himself”.

The case took so long to come to court partially due to Mr Strutt's health. He was in a serious car crash in 2020 which left him in a wheelchair.

Mr Strutt was ordered to pay each victim £1,250 in compensation and the costs to the court amounting to £2,579.