Repeated vandalism to seafront gardens is 'mindless', councillor says

An area of the seafront gardens in Clacton prior to the vandalism

An area of the seafront gardens in Clacton prior to the vandalism - Credit: Tendring District Council

Repeated vandalism to Clacton's award-winning seafront gardens is "callously undermining" the work of volunteers in the town, a councillor has said. 

At least three incidents of damage to planters, flower beds and benches - installed as part of the Clacton 150 anniversary project - have taken place in the past month. 

Resilient garden volunteers have continually had to replant and repair the damage and now Michael Talbot, Tendring District Council cabinet member for environment, is speaking out against the vandalism. 

Clacton celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2021 and many special events and projects, including the work in the gardens, were launched to commemorate the occasion. 

Mr Talbot said: “As well as being angered by their mindless actions – and the cost it has on us all as council tax payers to fix the damage – my heart also goes out to our army of volunteers and dedicated TDC staff who work in all seasons and weathers to keep our district looking so splendid, but whose efforts are being undermined so callously. 

“The Green Flag-winning Clacton seafront gardens and Pier Gap with the recently restored Venetian Bridge, gateway to our biggest tourist attractions, are a real jewel in the crown of the town, so to see them treated in this way is quite upsetting." 

Mr Talbot also appealed to parents to "have a strong word" with their children if they think they may be involved, and urged anyone with information to come forward. 

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“We have some information which suggests this is the work of a small band of teenagers – a small minority who unfortunately risk sullying the name of the many excellent young people we have in Tendring – and my warning to them is to stop before we have to take this further," he added. 

“I would also appeal to their parents – if you think your child may be involved, then please have a strong word with them and explain just how idiotic this behaviour is.”

Anyone with information about the vandalism is asked to contact email with details.