Darker shade of pale for Calvors

SPECIALIST brewer Alec Williamson is expanding his range of Suffolk lagers.

He is now offering lager drinkers, and beer drinkers, Calvors Amber - a lager that is darker than the average.

Mr Williamson has been brewing his premium Suffolk lager from the brewery he built on the family farm at Coddenham Green for two years.

He supplies 40 to 50 pubs, wine bars, delicatessens and shops including the Suffolk Food Hall and the East of England Co-operative Society.

But why amber?

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He said: “There is a tradition of dark lagers. Originally it was dark in colour, before it became light.

“This is a lovely bright colour.

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“Carlsberg, Budweiser and Becks have all had them.

“But there are hardly any amber lagers in the world. I think there is one in New York.”

This latest lager is produced using three different malts, including one appropriately called amber, and is 4% alcohol by volume.

He said: “I think it is going to appeal more to people who like a fuller flavour. We are extending the range and doing some new things.

“We are very much a summer brewer at the moment and are looking for products to make it all year round. This is more of a winter product.

“I think some real ale drinkers would like the flavour too.”

Mr Williamson added that he had decided to stick to a simple name, rather than inventing a new one.

Some of the first Calvors Amber was delivered to the Brewery Tap pub/restaurant at Cliff Quay, Ipswich, where landlords Mike and Georgie Keen were among the first to taste it.

Georgie Keen said: “It is absolutely delicious.”

Mike added: “It is very nice indeed.”

The Calvors Amber lager is initialy available in 330 cl and 500 cl bottles but may eventually also be offered in casks.

Mr Williamson is now planning to brew an even darker lager later in the year, probably in November, and is also hoping to produce a raspberry lager, a framboise, such as available in Belgium.

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