Daughter played truant 'due to bullies'

A MOTHER has told a court how her daughter was so badly bullied that she refused to go to school.

A MOTHER has told a court how her daughter was so badly bullied that she refused to go to school.

Tina Dear told Colchester Magistrates' Court yesterday that her teenager Carly had been targeted by three girls.

She said incidents both outside and at school led to Carly, 16, not going to Colbayns High School in Clacton-on-Sea.

Miss Dear, of Nayland Drive also in Clacton, admitted failing to ensure her daughter's attendance at school between October 9, 2007 and February 1 this year.

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The court heard that Carly only attended 83 times out of a possible 172 during that time - and had not been to school since.

James Hutchin, prosecuting for Essex County Council's education board, said that this amounted to 48% attendance.

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He said concerns had first been raised about Carly's attendance in January 2006 and added: “Carly said she was being bullied by girls - strategies were suggested and the school's police officer was bought in to deal with it.

“Carly did not submit any incident reports so the school was frustrated in its investigations.”

Miss Dear, 45, who was not represented, said: “Over the last year I have tried to get Carly to school and I have been to meetings.

“Surely the other girls' parents should be bought into school - the school has been on my back because Carly has not been at school but why haven't they said this to the girls' parents.”

She added: “She (Carly) was making herself sick and threatening to harm herself and I told them that.

“My daughter's life is worth more than dragging her to school because they cannot do their job properly.”

Miss Dear said she worked full-time which also made it difficult to get her daughter to school.

Magistrates fined her £100 and ordered her to pay £84 costs as well as a £15 victim surcharge.

The court heard that Carly officially finished school next week.

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