Free wifi to begin in Framlingham this weekend

Front row from left: Sonia Lambert, Victoria Perkins, Guy Downes and Simon Garret.
Back row from l

Front row from left: Sonia Lambert, Victoria Perkins, Guy Downes and Simon Garret. Back row from left: Eileen Coe, Nick Khan, Wil Gibson and Phillip Collins. - Credit: Archant

A historic Suffolk town is set to go digital this weekend as free wifi is rolled out.

Framlingham is set to become a pilot for a new scheme called 'Digital Town'.

The scheme will trial a number of digital interventions in the town to help its economic development.

It has been organised by a partnership between Framlingham Town Council, Framlingham Business Association and East Suffolk Council.

How will it work?

Visitors will be able to log in to just once to the central wifi rather than logging in and out of a number of businesses wifi while they are in and around the town.

A 80mb line will be installed into Framlingham Town Council's offices with users able to access 2-5mb of data.

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As well as the wifi another technology, known as Geosense, will be tracking footfall in the town.

What are the aims of the project?

The hope is that residents, visitors and businesses will be able to make the most of the wifi. The councils believe that the project will help businesses to go cashless while increasing their use of the internet and social media.

East Suffolk also said that digital technology could keep people healthy and less isolated by getting them to connect online.

Why is it being trialled in Framlingham?

Nick Khan, ESC's strategic director, said previously:"The concept is a simple one, take a small rural town in the heart of east Suffolk and explore what is possible in terms of using digital and other technology to help the town and its communities thrive.

"We will see what works, what' doesn't and use that learning and evidence to expand the concept across the whole of East Suffolk."

When will it begin?

The scheme will have its official launch on Saturday, August 3 from 9.30am -2pm on the Market Hill.

What happens next?

For now Framlingham will be the only town trialling the plans, which have been financed for three years, but if successful there could be an option for other east Suffolk towns to take part too.

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