Vets' warning after dogs eat rat poison disguised inside treats at park

Colchester castle. The park is the setting for the first major scene in James Henry's crime thriller

Vets4Pets in Colchester has issued the warning to clients after a number of suspicious cases. - Credit: Gregg Brown

Dog walkers in Colchester are being urged to be vigilant after a veterinary practice saw several cases of pets falling ill after eating rat poison disguised within treats.

Vets4Pets Colchester, which is found at Colne View Retail Park, issued the warning to its clients on Facebook, following "several possible cases" of dogs ingesting rat poison in the Highwoods and Castle Park areas. 

It said: "These cases seem particularly suspicious as the potential poison has been disguised within dog treats.

"Please be extra vigilant when on your daily dog walks as we all know that dogs are highly inquisitive and like to eat everything within sight."

The chemicals used in rat or mice poisonings are often highly toxic to dogs and can cause internal bleeding, kidney failure, organ damage and even death.

The veterinary practice added: "If you have any concerns or you believe your dog may have ingested the unknown substance please contact us at the practice on 01206 771 984."

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