Doing Nicely: Easton and Otley College prepares for the Suffolk Show

John Nice

John Nice - Credit: Su Anderson

It’s always good to try and align your company with national and global brands – suddenly – your brand gets cranked up a notch.

That’s why all the big global companies get behind massive sporting events such as the World Cup and the Olympics.

And that’s why we were delighted to align ourselves with the region’s biggest music festival, Latitude, a few weeks back when we helped them during a press launch in London.

Whilst on music, one of the biggest musical brands the world has ever seen is of course the Beatles.

One of my favourite songs by the ‘Fab Four’ is called ‘A Day in the Life’ - and a ‘day in the life’ is a feature I had to compile for a local paper about what happens on an average day at Easton and Otley.

Off I trotted on my ‘day in the life’ tour and the first person I met was Sam. He is a former chef who had changed career to construction as it has enabled him to have a career that allows him to spend more time with his young family.

Then I said hello to Jake, a car mechanic in the making who has been to Crufts. (His hobby is dog agility competitions).

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I also met Adam. He was coming to the end of a gardening course. He took the course as he needed a few additional skills in his role as a grounds-person at Tattersalls in Newmarket.

And finally I saw a couple of youngsters, Andy and Callumn, who were working with livestock for the day.

Andy told me – ‘farming is all I’ve ever wanted to do’ and you could see that as he looked as happy as Larry, whilst caring for our new born lambs.

A day in the life glimpses are to be recommended. Those aside, the college is gearing up for a month in the fast lane as we enter one of our busiest periods of the year events wise.

Next up for us is the Suffolk Show. We will be spread across numerous areas and you can expect a few surprises.

You will also be able to see show gardens, Great Gatsby-themed floral displays, construction demonstrations, a charity cake stand and lots of giveaways and things to see and do – come and see us to find out more. Our main stand is number 300.

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