Drivers face delays due to gas works

ENGINEERS are attempting to resolve a gas leak on a pipe running through a busy Ipswich road today, causing delays for drivers.

Workers from National Grid are on site in Norwich Road as they deal with the underground gas escape.

Temporary traffic lights have been in place since about 9.30am near the junction with Ashcroft Road.

A spokesman said: “Every effort will be made to repair the escape as quickly as possible; however, it is not yet known how long the work will take and motorists will be kept updated.”

The engineers may choose to use new cutting-edge keyhole technology to repair the escape, once the exact location of the fault is pinpointed.

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The process involves using a coring truck to drill out a plug of tarmac and concrete about 18ins in diameter. The remaining material is then vacuumed out, using a vacuum excavator truck, and stored in a tank. The gas escape is repaired using long handled tools.

The hole is then backfilled using the material that was vacuumed out, the plug of tarmac and concrete is replaced and grouted back into place.

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