Dryml replaces Zabik at Panthers

ALES Dryml is on his way back to Peterborough as a replacement for Karol Zabik.Zabik quit the club for personal reasons last week and the club wasted no time in bringing back their own club asset.

PETERBOROUGH have re-signed asset Ales Dryml and the popular Czech rider will make his return in Panthers second match of the week against Eastbourne on Thursday.

The Panthers were left in a difficult position following Karol Zabik's decision to leave the club last week and the subsequent refusal of the BSPA to grant the club a facility.

Drymel, who has just completed five matches for Poole, returns on his starting average of 4.53 and will drop back into the main body of the team. This move also has the advantage of maintaining the lively reserve partnership of Claus Vissing and Kenneth Hansen.

Team Manager Trevor Swales said: “I am pleased to welcome Ales Dryml back and his inclusion will undoubtedly help the team, he readily agreed to return and we go forward from here.”

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Promoter Mick Bratley said: “We welcome Ales back into our side following the loss of Karol Zabik and this will make us stronger than using a number eight or a Premier League six point rider.”

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