Dunwich: Time Team look to the future by probing past

Members of Channel 4’s Time Team hope their visit to Dunwich will reveal as much about the future as it will the past.

Archaeologists this week descended on the site of Greyfriars Monastery in the hope of unravelling one of Britain’s most intriguing historical tales, and determining what the next century holds for the shrinking Suffolk town.

Presenter Tony Robinson can recall hearing the legend of ancient Dunwich as a child. “The story of the lost city must be one of the most gripping told,” he said.

“People talked about the sound of the bells still being heard in the town. Now we can see it as an archaeological premonition of what might happen over the next 150 or 200 years.

“We make sure that we leave people with more knowledge and understanding of a site than when we arrives.”

The team carried out three days of archaeological work and filming for a one-hour programme focusing of the monastic areas of Dunwich and the Maison Dieu Hospital.

John Ette, of English Heritage, was also on site for the dig. He said: “This site is one of those at risk from coastal erosion. We hope to work out with the community how best to respond to that risk.

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“We know from the well-told story of Dunwich that one day it may be completely lost. We want to evaluate what is here now and what strategy can be put in place for the future.”

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