East Anglia: Is your trailer or caravan road worthy? Make sure you check before you tow

Are you safe to tow?

Are you safe to tow? - Credit: Archant

Last summer drivers who were towing were responsible for more than 250 traffic incidents in the east - and now holidaymakers are being urged to double check before they take to the road with a caravan or trailer.

The Highways Agency said there were 268 towing related incidents in the region on their road network between July and September, with 2,415 incidents nationally.

And they say many could have been avoided if drivers carried out a few simple checks on their caravans or trailers, many of which are only used once a year.

Highways Agency service delivery manager Andy Withington said: “If a car is off the road for months it’s common sense to check it is roadworthy before taking it back out and we strongly urge people to do the same with their trailers and caravans.”

Problems occurred when caravans and trailers were overloaded, there was a mismatch with the towing vehicle, tyres burst because they had not been checked or replaced and when drivers were not aware of proper towing techniques.

Each of these 268 incidents meant delays and distress for other road users but the Highways Agency says paying attention to the condition and pressure of the tyres on both the towed and towed vehicle, using extended mirrors and ensuring you have proper breakdown cover in place could reduce the number of delays.

Ian Hewlett for the Camping and Caravanning Club added: “Leave yourself plenty of time before your trip to check and rectify any problems. If you’re going on a long journey plan regular breaks to help you to remain fit to tow.”