A mum of two from Holbrook is encouraging teachers to bring mindfulness practise into the classroom as a way of helping pupils take care of their mental health.

Katy Black, 43, hopes that schools in Suffolk will adopt mindfulness as a way of giving children and their teachers a "toolkit" which will help them deal with mental health challenges - some of which have resulted from the coronavirus pandemic.

Mrs Black, who also works as a successful documentary film maker, trained in mindfulness at the beginning of lockdown in 2020.

East Anglian Daily Times: Year four pupils at Holbrook Primary school in Suffolk have recently been taking part in mindfulness lessonsYear four pupils at Holbrook Primary school in Suffolk have recently been taking part in mindfulness lessons (Image: Katy Black)

She said: " I just felt the mindfulness course that is being taught in schools can was actually something that can be useful to all children regardless of what they are going through.

"It teaches children about their brain about their emotions.

"We use puppies to talk about how they can train their brain, which is what mindfulness is all about.

"Most schools and teachers just don't realise the course is available."

The mindfulness session that Mrs Black runs are aimed at years four, five and six and can help children learn to understand their emotions before they start high school

Mrs Black, who is currently teaching mindfulness to a year four class at Holbrook Primary school, added: "Teachers are a huge part of it, they have had such an incredibly difficult time - they really are total heroes.

East Anglian Daily Times: A mindfulness session underway at Holbrook Primary School in SuffolkA mindfulness session underway at Holbrook Primary School in Suffolk (Image: KATY BLACK)

"It is about how some of the mindfulness techniques can support them.

"In a world when there is a lot of pressure, it could feel like getting mindfulness into the classroom is just another thing they have to do.

"What is really clever about this is it really supports what they are doing.

"It can be built into the teacher's day and be really helpful for them."

Find out more about mindfulness in schools

If you would like more information about Mindfulness in Schools Suffolk you can email katysheppard@gmail.com.

Any teachers in Suffolk that are interested in bringing mindfulness into their classroom can attend the online Mindfulness in Schools Project 2021 conference, online on Saturday, June 19.

Details about signing up for the conference can be found here.

A recent poll in the Mumlife Suffolk Facebook group suggested that children's mental health is the thing that parents worry about most - you can see the poll and share your opinion by joining the group.