A new primary and pre-school with capacity for 270 pupils is set to open in Stowmarket next year after the scheme received the green light from planners.

Suffolk County Council outlined proposals to build the school to serve the housing development in Chilton Leys last year.

The Department for Education had initially planned to build a free school at the site, in Fuller Way, but the county council confirmed it would be overseen by a local authority due to the construction of housing developments in the area.

It was also revealed that the council would appoint an academy sponsor for the school at a later date.

Orwell Multi Academy Trust, which manages academies throughout Suffolk, has now been selected to run the new school.

Developer Concertus has said the building has been designed to fit in with the surrounding residential area, with the first impressions of the school released last summer.

Concertus has also confirmed the school is set to open in September next year, with 210 spaces in the primary and 60 in the pre-school.

The site will also be able to accommodate for a future expansion of up to 420 pupils if the population of the surrounding area continues to grow.

The proposals have now been given the go-ahead and construction work by RG Carter is set to begin this summer.

Anna Hennell James, chief executive of the Orwell Multi Academy Trust, said: "We are thrilled to have been chosen to launch and develop the new school at Chilton Leys.

East Anglian Daily Times: Anna Hennell James, chief executive of Orwell Multi Academy TrustAnna Hennell James, chief executive of Orwell Multi Academy Trust

"We are excited to be working with the local community to create a learning space where children will be able to thrive and flourish from amazing educational experiences."

Emilie Farrimond, project manager at Concertus, added: "The new primary and pre-school will provide a modern fit for purpose learning environment for local children, as well as helping to ease pressure on local schools due to the expansion of housing in the area.

"Our design is focused on representing the schools’ surroundings within the colour choices and fabric of the building and creating a central community hub which will be both unique and aesthetically pleasing."